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GEA Newsletters: 2005

December Issue [PDF]

Gold Bursts Up Through $500, as Russia Declares It Will Start Hoarding Gold! (December 9, 2005)
Supply is plunging, demand is screaming. And the yellow metal just hit a 25-year high. But this rip-roaring bull market is just beginning! > More >

November Issue [PDF]

The New Fed Chairman: A Disaster for the Dollar, But Great for the GEA Portfolio! (November 15, 2005)
Greenspan's replacement has promised to 'maintain continuity with the policies established during the Greenspan years.' That's great news for our portfolio!

  • Bernanke's tenure at the Fed: what to expect
  • Greenspan warns Congress of "serious economic disruption"
  • Oil stocks: outlook and update
> More >

October Issue [PDF]

GEA portfolio soars while the markets fall! (October 20, 2005)
"Our third-quarter numbers are in, and they're spectacular. We're up 44.37% year to date, while the Dow has fallen 4.2%. Now the public is facing more risks than ever. There's some ominous news this month. Make sure you're ready!" > More >

September Issue [PDF]

After the Hurricane: Katrina's Effects on Your Investments! (September 20, 2005)
The hurricane will have a much larger impact on the American economy than most expect. And the "obvious" investments might do very poorly! "Here's why, and what you should do about it!" > More >

August Issue [PDF]

Oil smashes through $63... $65... and breaches $67! (August 17, 2005)
Over and over again this year, oil has shattered its previous record, setting breathtaking new highs. But where is it going from here? I'm expecting a short-term correction. But longer term, it has only one direction to go: Up! > More >

July Issue [PDF]

China Awakens! (July 21, 2005)
They've patiently given us the rope, and now they're hanging us with it. The Chinese have launched a massive takeover wave of American industry, and we're helpless to stop it. We're even paying them to do it! "The major economic trend of the decade has begun! Prepare now!" > More >

June Issue [PDF]

Gold's outlook is looking more bullish every day! (June 16, 2005)
Europe is about to be swept up into chaos, the US is looking ominously like Japan did before its ongoing depression started, and gold's supply is falling just as its demand is swelling. Gold has never looked more promising! > More >

May Issue [PDF]

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Warns: US economy is on "increasingly thin ice"...and "dangerous" times are ahead! (May 20, 2005)
Even bogus government reports can't hide our economic problems any more. Get ready for rocky times! Rosy government job and inflation reports: A sham! Iran: Practicing for a nuclear attack on the US. Plus, three new stock recommendations. > More >

April Issue [PDF]

Oil Swings Wildly As Famous Wall Street Firm Admits: Oil Is Going to $105! (April 20, 2005)
"When oil was at $36, I told you it was going higher. Wall Street laughed and said it would sink. Now it's recently hit $58...and they're finally admitting I'm right. Now oil is thrashing wildly. Here's why $100 oil is inevitable--along with violent price swings along the way!" > More >

March Issue [PDF]

The Death of the Dollar! (March 15, 2005)
Despite its recent fall against commodities and other currencies, the dollar is looking more fragile then ever. Doom for the dollar: even the major media are starting to predict it! Foreign governments are now taking action against the greenback. Updates on oil and Iran. > More >

February Issue [PDF]

Will 2005 be the Year for Silver? (February 14, 2005)
Silver's been in the doldrums for almost two decades now even though its supply has been far less than demand the entire time! Will silver finally break out of its slump this year? > More >

January Issue [PDF]

5 Predictions for 2005...and Their Impact on Your Investments! (January 21, 2005)
I'm looking for 2005 to be a rollercoaster ride in the a way that most people don't expect. Here are my predictions! Stocks: Up or down in 2005? Ominous signs in our banking system...An "off-the-radar" investment that's ready to soar! > More >

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