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Complete Technical AnalysisCheck out what is the Top resons to choose InTeLyze instead of any other products in the market. And see the New Features in InTeLyze 2.

InTeLyze® is THE ONE AND ONLY interactive education for technical analysis in the world. No other education in the subject has ever offered the Class and Degree of InTeLyze®.

Reviews & Testimonials

"InTeLyze® is a very good educational product for technical analysis. There are many practical and visual examples and a good structure. With InTeLyze® you can easily understand how different indicators work compared to traditional TA-literature. If your goal is to earn money in the stock market, it´s better to buy this CD than TA books, because with InTeLyze® you learn to work with TA in reality".

Christer Veijalainen
Chairman of Association for Technical Analysis

"...the course has legitimacy; InTeLyze tries to cover all aspects of a topic...The production quality is excellent. There are numerous tests that are instructive and carefully thought out...Those familiar with technical analysis will find that narrative not only educates and explains, but is also carefully written to be extremely accurate...This is a product for which tremendous effort was made to make the material easy to listen to, interesting, and useful."

Stocks & Commodities Magazine

"Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how impressed I am with the InTeLyze program. I have been trading for several years and felt I was fairly well-versed in technical analysis -- that is until I began trying to teach my friend, who lives in Michigan (I live in Arizona) via e-mail. I started searching the web for a course that would be more organized than I seemed to be (and definitely more patient than I). I kept returning to your site over and over again, but the price was so reasonable that I feared that the content would not be adequate. Feeling this way, I ordered the course so I could evaluate it's merit. THIS IS A FANTASTIC PRODUCT! Not only has my friend ordered the course, I have learned a great deal more than I bargained for. This has been beyond just a refresher course and I am sure that I will use this program for many years to come."

Mrs. Robin Jean Scott
Sun City, Arizona

"I would recommend the Intelyze educational CD program to anyone interested in gaining greater understanding of the technical indicators that eventually determine the movement of an individual stock or index. The tool is very user friendly and most importantly interactive. It pictorially displays technical analysis concepts in a simple and easy to understand fashion thereby accelerating the learning process and promoting a deeper understanding of the underlying concepts. The lessons can be easily followed and the tool offers varying depths of knowledge. This makes the tool useful for beginners who are gaining exposure to the concepts for the first time. However it also offers advanced lessons for those who want to increase their present level of knowledge. In short the tool accommodates any student from beginning to advanced. I would recommend Intelyze to anybody wishing to understand those key technical indicators used for making profitable stock trades."

Mr. Fred Sawyer
Boston, Massachusetts

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