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GEA Guest Analysts: 2007

Fractal Gold Report (#008: Mon 12/31/2007)
Here comes the big "money trade" for gold, right at the beginning of the new year. > More >

Fractal Gold Report (#007: Wed 12/26/2007)
Get ready for a bullish 2008 for just about every financial market, and a huge rally is coming in gold over the next few months. > More >

Fractal Gold Report (#006: Sun 12/16/2007)
Long-term forecast for equity markets > More >

Fractal Gold Report (#005: Fri 12/7/2007)
A look at parabolic growth curves shows that gold will continue to soar. > More >

Fractal Gold Report (#004: Fri 11/30/2007)
The Fed will have to take interest rates down to 3%, triggering another massive rally in gold as the dollar continues its decline. > More >

Fractal Gold Report (#003: Tue 11/27/2007)
Gold is still ridiculously cheap! > More >

Fractal Gold Report (#002: Wed 11/21/2007)
Gold bounces off $775 -- it's again time to buy the dips in gold as the pattern switches back to bullish > More >

Fractal Gold Report (#001: Thu 11/15/2007)
It's been a long time coming, but gold has now moved into one of its patented "free-fall" corrections. It's very difficult for even the most hardened gold bull to survive one of these collapses. But there are ways to survive and even profit from gold's penchant for disastrous corrections. > More >

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